Extruded heat sink

Ningbo Yotch Mechanical Co., LTD. is one of the manufacturers and manufacturers of LED heat sinks, LED lamp housings, lighting fixtures, functions, die-casting heat sinks, extruded heat sinks, and LED downlight housings,welcomes low wholesale prices,LED heat sinks, LED lamp housings, and lighting fixtures are the products of our factory.
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  • The above for Aluminum Profile Heat Sink. If you want to know more about extruded heat sink, extruded heat sink profiles, etc., you can contact us.

  • The above for Round Extruded Heat Sink. If you want to know more about Extruded heat sink, round extruded aluminum heatsink, etc., you can contact us.

  • Round extruded heat sink is one of our hot selling items and we have exported 600000pcs this year. With the advantages of low tooling cost, standard process, good thermal conductivity and the feature of combining with other manufacturing technologies which have guaranteed his popularity in lighting industry.

You can purchase customized Extruded heat sink from Ningbo China Yotch Machinery Co., Ltd., wholesale Extruded heat sink can be purchased at www.nbyotch-mechanical.com, and Ningbo Yotch Mechanical Co., LTD is a Chinese Extruded heat sink manufacturer and Extruded heat sink supplier. Welcome to our company to buy low price Extruded heat sink.