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What is LED Street Light Housing?

The LED street lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy one-piece die-casting. Its appearance is beautiful. It is made of aluminum alloy one-piece die-casting, which fully solves the problem of high-power LED heat dissipation.

The lamp body is made of high-quality tempered glass, with good light transmission, dustproof, waterproof, a full set of stainless steel tight parts, and the surface of the lamp head adopts environmentally friendly fluorocarbon electrostatic spraying, which is safe and reliable, and has long service life.

The LED lamp is mounted on a heat-conducting substrate, and the heat generated by the LED lamp is first transferred to the heat-conducting substrate, and the heat is transferred to the thin-walled cavity heat-dissipating sheet through the heat-conducting substrate. In the interior of the lamp housing, due to the use of thin-walled cavity heat sinks, the air in the heat sink cavity is heated to form a low-end to high-end air flow along the cavity, rapidly taking out the heat from the cavity. At the same time, the outer surface of the heat sink is in direct contact with the air to dissipate the heat; the wall of the heat sink is thin, and the heat is not easily accumulated in the film.

Application area
Simple design, can meet a variety of lighting requirements, LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED flood light, etc.