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Several ways of radiator corrosion

Oxidation corrosion and various oxygen concentration difference corrosion (such as crevice corrosion, waterline corrosion, point corrosion, and scale corrosion) are the main reasons for the corrosion of steel radiators. The analysis of the composition of the corrosion products and the combined water quality shows that the heating water quality is poor. (Ex. higher oxygen content, metal ions and acid radicals, especially chloride ions) are external causes of corrosion of steel radiators.

Alkaline corrosion is the main cause of aluminum radiator corrosion.

Electrochemical corrosion, that is, when two different metals are in contact, the other metal, which always has a low electrode potential, is first etched to protect the other electrode from high corrosion potential. The possible corrosion of the copper-aluminum composite heat sink is electrochemical corrosion.

The copper-aluminum composite radiator can be suitable for any water quality, is not afraid of any corrosion, and has a service life of more than 50 years.