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LED downlight housing performance advantages


Whether the downlight shell chooses the aluminum alloy shell, because the LED downlight needs to solve the problem of heat dissipation, and the aluminum alloy shell has a good heat dissipation system, so it can extend the service life and luminous effect of the LED downlight, and the aluminum alloy shell Can be recycled and used in response to the country's environmental protection. Careful inspection of the chip, the chip is the most critical accessories led, it affects the overall effect of the led. For the inspection of the brightness of the product, our requirement is a stable and lasting light color with no flash frequency. Check the power of the LED downlight, driving power can affect the life of the led, so we need to choose a DC power supply, and the AC power supply can easily shorten the life of the led.

To choose a good LED downlight, you can pay more attention and consideration from its performance advantages. Therefore, consumers should start with more details when purchasing, observe and try it out, and see if its performance has advantages. More conducive to buying good products.

For energy-saving, environmental protection, and low-contamination LED downlights, I believe that many consumers are pursuing products that are worth recommending to everyone.