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How many LED cooling methods are there?

Radiator, as a common way of cooling LED lamps, its shape and material have undergone repeated changes. At present, there are several types of LED heat sinks on the market: die-cast aluminum radiators, extruded aluminum radiators, stamped aluminum radiators, plastic-coated aluminum radiators, and high-heat-conducting plastic radiators.

The production cost of the die-cast aluminum radiator is controllable, the heat-dissipating fin cannot be made thin, and it is difficult to maximize the heat-dissipating area. The heat dissipating fins of the extruded aluminum radiator can be made a lot of thin, and the heat dissipating area is maximized. When the cooling fins work, the air convection heat is automatically formed, and the heat dissipating effect is better, but the processing cost is higher.

The stamped aluminum radiator is stamped and pulled up by the punching machine and the die for the steel and aluminum alloy, so that it becomes a cup-type radiator. The inner and outer periphery of the stamped heat sink is smooth, and the heat-dissipating area is limited due to the wingless. The heat-conducting plastic used in the plastic-coated aluminum radiator is a thermoplastic material. The fluidity, density, toughness and strength of the material are easy to be injection-molded. It has good resistance to cold and heat shock cycles, excellent insulation performance, and all-aluminum radiator. Compared with the processing cost is low, the processing cycle is short, the processing temperature is low; the finished product is not easy to be broken; the customer-supplied injection molding machine can carry out the differential shape design and production of the lamp, and the plastic-coated aluminum radiator has good insulation performance and is easy to pass the safety regulation. High thermal conductivity plastic radiator, high thermal conductivity plastic radiator An all-plastic radiator, its thermal conductivity is several times higher than ordinary plastic, with excellent heat conduction and heat radiation capability; it can be applied to new insulation of various power lamps. Heat sink material.

In recent years, with the wider application range of LED lighting, the LED lighting industry has developed rapidly, and the industrial division of labor has also made great progress. LED luminaire manufacturers and suppliers with channel advantages. A variety of thermal solutions are available depending on the customer's cooling needs.