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Common heat dissipation methods for several LED Light Housings

After using the LED luminaire for a period of time, it is necessary to start cooling work for him. If it is done well, it can effectively extend its service life. Then, let's introduce the chess international trade company to introduce you: the common heat dissipation methods of several LED Light Housings.

First: the fan is cooled. The inside of the lamp housing is cooled by a fan, which has low cost and good effect. However, it is inconvenient to change the fan, and it is not suitable for outdoor use, so this design is relatively rare.
Second: install the heat pipe. The use of a heat pipe to conduct heat from the LED chip to the heat sink fin of the casing is generally common in the design of large lamps.
Third: Design and install aluminum heat sink fins, use it as part of the outer casing to increase the heat dissipation area.
Fourth: design and installation of a heat-conductive plastic shell, its heat conduction and heat dissipation ability is very good.
Fifth: Air hydrodynamics, a way to create convective air to enhance heat dissipation by using the shape of the lamp envelope.
Sixth: surface radiation heat treatment, that is, applying a radiation heat-dissipating paint on the lamp housing to radiate heat away from the surface of the lamp housing.