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The effect of LED heatsink on the service life of LED lamps

The heat dissipation effect of the LED heat sink has a direct relationship with the service life of the LED light fixture.

As a new generation of solid-state light source, LED light-emitting diode has many advantages such as long life, high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection, etc. It is widely used in the field of display and lighting. With the development of technology, advanced technology is continuously used in semiconductor production to make LED The luminous efficiency continues to increase and the cost continues to decline.

The existing mainstream LED heat sink technology is still used to dissipate heat through the aluminum profile heat sink, and for some relatively large lamps, the ordinary aluminum profile may not meet the requirements, and the heat sink may be modified, such as in the heat sink and the heat. The source only sees the addition of thermal grease pads or thermal grease. To increase thermal conductivity and improve heat dissipation efficiency, copper is sometimes added to the bottom of the heat sink to increase heat transfer efficiency. Improve the life and efficiency of LED lamps.