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.LED lamp radiator function

1. The LED lamp heat sink is a heat dissipation structure composed of a base body of the LED heat sink and a plurality of warping pieces. Unlike the single rocker piece, the heat dissipating unit is a U-shaped or V-shaped channel composed of two adjacent warping pieces and a base body. Therefore, the influence of the pitch and the number of fins of the heat sink on the heat dissipation performance must be considered.

2. The continuous increase of chip input power has put forward higher requirements for the packaging technology of these power LEDs.

3. Today's heat dissipation has become a key factor constraining the development of high-power LEDs. Especially for the application to automotive lights, because the structural design to meet the aesthetic limitations of the model further deteriorates the heat dissipation environment of the LED, special consideration needs to be paid to the heat dissipation problem of the LED lamp.