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LED radiator product performance

1, good thermal conductivity

The cold forged radiator is extruded in pure aluminum. The thermal conductivity of pure aluminum is 226W/m.k, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 180W/m.k, and the thermal conductivity of ordinary die-cast aluminum is only 96W/m.k. The greater the thermal conductivity, the faster the heat released by the LED can be conducted, which is more conducive to the overall heat dissipation of the LED lamp.

2, good heat dissipation structure

The heat sink base of the LED cold forged heat sink is integrally extruded with the heat sink fins with no gaps between them. The heat of the pedestal can be conducted to the heat sink fins without blocking. It can process parts with complex shapes: such as profiled sections, internal teeth, shaped holes and blind holes.

In the aluminum parts of the car, the heat-dissipating base and the heat-dissipating fins are riveted together after machining, and there must be a gap between them; if the riveting part of the machining control is not fine enough, it is easy to generate a large gap; The thermal expansion and contraction in the process will also lead to the generation of gaps, increase the thermal resistance, and is not conducive to the conduction of heat.

3, large heat dissipation area

The thickness of the heat-dissipating fins of the cold forging radiator can be 0.7MM, the spacing can be 1.5mm, and the thin and more heat-dissipating fins greatly increase the contact area with the air, which is more conducive to air convection heat dissipation. The maximum heat dissipation area can be obtained in the same volume, and forging is easy to obtain good dimensional accuracy and appearance brightness.

4, small size, light weight

The cold extrusion has high strength, good rigidity and light weight: compared with die castings and aluminum parts, LED cold forging radiators have the above advantages, and the same volume shape can be used for heat dissipation of higher power lamps. Therefore, the use of pure aluminum cold forged radiators will reduce the weight of LED lamps.

5, the appearance of quality is excellent

LED cold forging radiator material is pure aluminum, the appearance can be anodized, bright and beautiful, can also oxidize different colors according to customer needs. The die-cast aluminum has a rough outer surface and the surface needs to be sprayed and disposed of, which is not conducive to heat dissipation.

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