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How to choose a downlight radiator?

The types of downlight radiators can be roughly divided into: aluminum profile radiators, blade radiators, high density tooth radiators, combination radiators, plate radiators, housing radiators, blade radiators, water-cooled radiators, heat pipe cooling And so on.

When the user's heat dissipation demand is relatively high, aluminum profile radiator or scraper radiator should be used. This is because the aluminum profile heat sink is kneaded in the process, the heat conduction rate is very fast, the heat attenuation is very small, but many aluminum profiles The radiator does not necessarily fit the user's downlight radiator space plan, so the demand is selected according to the manual and then processed by milling and other means.

When the user's heat dissipation requirements are not very high and the space of the planning equipment is required, the insert radiator or the combination radiator can be selected. These downlight radiators can process the required external dimensions and processes according to the user's CAD drawing requirements. Some of the blade heatsinks are also capable of reaching ultra-high power dissipation requirements, and are very flexible on the scale.