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What are the characteristics of led radiators?

The temperature is directly related to the LED's life, light decay, and color temperature shift, so the LED heat sink is used to dissipate the LED;

The strengths of LED radiators are written by you:

The price is cheap, economical and recyclable; because its corrosion is acicular corrosion, it does not form a block corrosion, so the rust is not easy to get rid of the body, oxygen can not invade the inner body to form deep-level corrosion, so the life is 25 years. At 30 years of age, the wall has a long heat storage time and a slow corrosion rate;

When the LED lamp is in operation, 80% of the electric energy is converted into heat energy, a large amount of heat is generated, and 20% of the electric energy is converted into light energy to provide illumination for everyone. The LED heat sink is used for heat dissipation of the LED. Because the LED chip is in operation, its own ambient temperature is inversely related to the light output rate. The higher the temperature, the lower the light output rate, when the temperature reaches the maximum operating temperature of the LED chip. , the LED will break;

About the high-power led use radiator is especially important. Because the operation time is long, the power is large, and the heat generated is high, it is necessary to adopt the heat dissipation measures in time, and to do the protection work to prevent unnecessary loss;

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