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LED radiator manufacturers teach you how to classify radiators

First, in accordance with the disposal method. There are plug-type radiators, profile radiators, pull-out radiators, casting radiators, etc.

Second, according to the cooling method. There are natural cooling radiators, air-cooled radiators, liquid-cooled radiators, cold plate radiators, and heat pipe radiators.

Third, according to professional use. Power device heat sink, module heat sink, resistance heat sink, frequency conversion heat sink, chassis integrated heat sink, motor case integrated heat sink, electric welder heat sink, power supply heat sink, graphics card heat sink, IT heat sink, etc. .

Fourth, based on the use of data points. Aluminum radiator, copper radiator, steel radiator.

Fifth, based on the use of power points. There are low power radiators, medium power radiators, and high power radiators.

Sixth, according to the characteristics of the radiator point. There are West Bamboo radiators, dense toothed radiators, and combined radiators.

This is the classification method of the radiator, have you learned it? If you want to buy this product, you can go to our official website to visit: Welcome to consult! !