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What are the functions of LED Heat Sink?

Shell structure: The special street lamp shell structure design enables the circulation of wind to accelerate the heat dissipation effect, at the same time reduce the wind resistance, reduce the pressure load of the lamp post, and the special installation bracket structure design, the lamp head illumination angle can be flexibly adjusted.

Structural waterproof function: The unique structure is beneficial to the discharge of water on the outer casing. The new waterproof silicone can ensure the sealing of the lamp and ensure no water and dust.

Superior heat dissipation structure: The heat sink is integrated with the lamp body, and the thick aluminum material can improve the instant heat conduction; the wave heat sink can increase the heat dissipation area and effectively improve the heat dissipation effect. Middle of the whole structure

The heat dissipation is better than the two sides, so that the heat dissipation effect is uniform, and the whole street lamp is more stable during use.