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What is the role of the LED heat sink?

The heat sinks of LED lamps are generally made of aluminum. They are divided into two categories: stretched aluminum based on aluminum such as AL6060 and die-cast aluminum based on ADC12. Among them, the thermal conductivity of ADC12 is 96.7w/m °C, and the aluminum material such as AL6060 is 198~250w/m °C. The latter is better than the former in heat conduction. See here some people may ask, since AL6060 and other aluminum materials Thermal conductivity is so good, why is there an ADC12?

1ADC12 die-cast aluminum, which is fast in mass production, can meet the general requirements of design aesthetics (almost all the shapes you think can be presented), but because of the low changeable design, the cost of designing the mold is high, generally it is not very large in size. The product that does not need to be modified, the same as it is also relatively cheap, so it has long occupied the shell market.
2 Stretched aluminum, strong thermal conductivity, low mold cost is generally one tenth of die-casting mold, length change is also very flexible, processing volume is fast, however, it can not completely occupy the market of the outer casing for the following reasons: insufficient hardness, It is easy to be deformed, and the appearance can only be stretched, with little change, and can not meet the market appearance requirements.

Based on the above two points, it can be concluded that the heat-dissipating aluminum is superior to the die-cast aluminum, and the appearance is better than the former, depending on the cost requirements and appearance requirements of the design.