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What are the requirements for the use of electronic radiators in the environment?

1. The cooling water quality should have certain requirements. The resistivity of circulating water should not be lower than 2.5Ki2, and the PH value should be between 6}9; the imported water temperature should not be higher than 35°C, and the water flow rate should be 4-8L. Min;
2. When used for high voltage or higher voltage devices, the above water quality requirements or higher water quality requirements must be ensured;
3. When the water-cooled radiator is working, special attention should be paid to preventing water leakage, preventing clogging, and preventing condensation.
4. When the air-cooled radiator is installed, the radiator blades should be in the direction of the cooling air flow; the temperature of the inlet air is not higher than 400C, and the wind speed at the inlet end is 4 - 6mls;

5. Since the air-cooled radiator also has the characteristics of wind resistance parameters, when selecting the radiator in the whole machine, the relationship curve of the heat resistance, flow resistance and wind speed of the radiator should be checked according to the load requirements and the capacity of the fan, and comprehensive consideration should also be taken. Radiator thermal resistance and wind resistance two parameters.