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The advantages of die-casting heat sinks do you know?


First, the advantages: easy to draw, easy processing, light weight, first-class cooling effect. Disadvantages: If used in, insulation requirements are high. In a humid environment, oxidation and blistering can affect the heat dissipation effect.

Die cast heat sink

Second, the die-casting heat sink is a device that dissipates heat to the heat-producing electronic components in an electrical appliance. It is mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass, or bronze plate-like, sheet-like, multi-piece, etc., such as a CPU in a computer. The use of considerable heat sinks, TV power tube, line tube, amplifier power amplifier tube should use heat sink. Generally, in the use of the heat sink, a layer of thermal grease is applied on the contact surfaces of the electronic components and the heat sink, so that the heat generated by the components can be more efficiently conducted to the heat sink and then be dissipated into the surrounding air via the heat sink.