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The use and characteristics of Lighting Fixtures

The lamps are made of highly die-cast aluminum and have good pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Radiator adopts thickened aviation aluminum radiator, strong convection design, large heat dissipation area. Reflector using high-precision aluminum, the surface is smooth, reflective uniform.

Lamp features:
The lamp shell adopts aluminum alloy high pressure die casting, which is light, strong and corrosion-resistant.
Translucent cover is made of high light-transmitting PC material, and the light refracted by the lens is soft;
A new type of silicone rubber seal, high temperature above 250 °C, effectively ensure that silicone rubber is not aging;
Long-term protection class IP65, using high temperature, high pressure silicone rubber wire;
The surface of the lamp adopts electrostatic spray treatment, good high temperature resistance, and beautiful and durable.