Company News

  • October is coming, it is hot season, and our production schedule is quite tight. Every day, our workers are working until the evening to ensure that orders can be completed on time.


  • Our heat sink, including aluminum heat sink, extruded heat sink, pin fin heat sink, led light housing are shipped to our customers all round the world by air, by sea and international express.


  • Ningbo Yotch Mechanical Co., LTD has the independent innovation ability, cold and hot forging technology to manufacture high-precision, high-performance parts of high-tech enterprises.


  • Led radiator process includes sawing, drilling, tapping, deburring, shrinking, stamping, polishing, drawing, sandblasting, shaping, CNC machining, car/milling, aluminum welding and oxidation coloring, powder coating, fluorine Carbon spray surface treatment, etc.


  • The types of downlight radiators can be roughly divided into: aluminum profile radiators, blade radiators, high density tooth radiators, combination radiators, plate radiators, housing radiators, blade radiators, water-cooled radiators, heat pipe cooling And so on.


  • Today, 4 cartons of heat sink will be sent to Canada by UPS. Thanks to our workers’ overtime production, customer's urgent order was completed in advance. Two days later, these aluminum heat sinks will be delivered to customer and catch up with the sales season.