Heat Sink LED

Heat Sink LED

Led heat sinks are designed to absorb and disperse excess heat away from the LED diode and into the heat sink.

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Description of the radiator LED
The following is information about the heat sink LED, I hope to help you better understand the heat sink LED.

Although the LED is cool when touched, the device itself still has a lot of unnecessary heat. This heat comes from the inefficiency of the semiconductor that produces the light. LED heat sinks are an important part of LED lighting because they provide a thermal path from the LED source to the external components.

The Yotch machine has a series of heat sinks designed to cool the LED components. Yotch includes linear, circular and custom designs that provide a one-stop solution for any LED application, whether indoor or outdoor, commercial or industrial. We can design and manufacture LED heatsinks, LED shades, lighting fixtures with casting, processing and extrusion options to meet thermal and aesthetic requirements.

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